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Prostate Cancer Surgery

Prostate surgery for cancer is known as radical prostatectomy. during this procedure, the urologist will remove the prostate gland as well as the seminal vesicles and at times the pelvic nodes. This procedure is done with the intention of achieving cure for prostate cancer. The surgery can be performed with an open incision or by keyhole approach such as Robotic prostatectomy.


What is robotic radical prostatectomy?

Radical prostatectomy is the procedure where the prostate, as well as seminal vesicles, are removed with intention of curing prostate cancer; it remains the gold standard of treatment for organ-confined prostate cancer. Following removal of the prostate, the bladder and urethra are re-joined. traditionally this operation was performed with open surgery, requiring a large incision in the lower abdomen, however with the advancements in medical technology, daVinci robot has enabled surgeons to do the same procedure through small keyhole incision. The key advantages of this type of surgery over open surgery includes:

  • Providing the same cancer surgery, without compromising the cancer outcomes
  • Improvement in preservation of the urinary continence (continence-preserving surgery)
  • Improvements in preservation of erectile function nerves (nerve-sparing prostatectomy) if indicated
  • Reduced pain and discomfort after surgery
  • Lower blood loss and transfusion
  • Faster recovery, earlier return to normal function and shorter length of hospital stay
  • Better cosmetic outcomes.

Dr Ahmadi has extensive experience in robotic cancer surgery and is one of very few urologists in Australia with a fellowship training in Advanced Robotic Urology.  He performs robotic prostatectomy using the latest Da Vinci Xi robotic system at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Mater Hospital, Sydney Adventist Hospital and St George Private Hospital. He employs the latest techniques for continence-preserving surgery as well as erectile function nerve-sparing surgery (when appropriate from a cancer point of view). The surgery is customised to each patient based on their needs and preferences as well as their cancer stage. Dr Ahmadi also performs robotic prostate surgery for patients with advanced prostate cancer, including those with prior treatments such as radiation therapy or focal therapy (Salvage prostatectomy) as well as those requiring extended pelvic node dissection.

If you wish to discuss your prostate cancer surgery options or seek second opinion, please contact our friendly team for an appointment or email us at  reception@DrNariAhmadi.com.au