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Kidney Cancer Surgery

Partial Nephrectomy

Partial nephrectomy is also commonly known as nephron-sparing surgery or kidney-preserving surgery. During this surgery, the surgeon removes the abnormal lesion or kidney tumour and preserves the rest of the healthy kidney. This procedure is technically demanding and requires surgeons who have had dedicated training and previous experience.

Why should we consider Partial nephrectomy?

The main advantage of partial nephrectomy is preservation of kidney function, which may result in longer life span and better quality of life for the patients. Unfortunately partial nephrectomy is not always offered to patients due to several reasons such as lack of expertise in performing the procedure or the misconception that removing part of the kidney may not offer the same cancer cure rates. Several studies have confirmed that partial nephrectomy provides the same cancer outcomes compared to removing the entire kidney. However, not all patients may be suitable candidates for partial nephrectomy.

Which patients should consider partial nephrectomy over radical nephrectomy?

  • Small kidney lesions (less than 4 cm)
  • Prior history of cancer of familial disposition to renal cancers
  • Pre-existing renal impairment


  • patients with high blood pressure or diabetes who are at risk of developing renal in future
  • prior history of renal stones
  • Younger patients